DJ Workshop {September 2016}

Crafting + Workshop

If you remember, few weeks before Kadayawan, I posted about another workshop collaboration. This time, I’m doing it with my boyfriend, Wacky, and it’s a DJ workshop.

After all the events you’ve attended last weekend, pretty sure you’ve seen and heard how music can fuel up the mood, yes? Let’s turn the table around, instead you dancing and listening how about you make them dance with your music and learn how the DJs do it.

Wacky Masbad and Jack Ripper will be teaching you the basics of beat-matching, phrasing and how to be familiar with the software and hardware. If you’re very new to this, don’t worry, all you need is a love for music and these two will teach you the rest.

The workshop includes basic kit, module and snacks. Every participants will get to play on a controller and there will be a recital before the workshop ends using DJM900 which is being used in some of the events. It’s a whole day workshop and we can only accommodate 10 slots since there will be a one-on-one tutorial.

To give you a little glimpse, here’s a video of Wacky just last weekend in Arcadia.

Convinced enough? Register here. If you have more question about this workshop, feel free to send me an email or sms {details in poster.


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