Instagram Sunday #76

Instagram Sunday

Tonight, was not a usual Sunday for me. Normally, I spend it doing nothing. Just literally sleep and eat all day. I didn’t get to do that but I like it still because it was a productive day.

I joined an indie small press expo called Print Ta. It’s their second year and organised by Xiao and Jesh, owners of Alleycat Tea House, where it was also held. There were more or less 10 sellers of their beautiful artworks turned into postcards, stickers and zines.

Anyway, I’ll post more about the Print Ta and the sellers this week. In the meantime, here’s what happened on my instagram feed.

{1} I got the Instax Share SP-2 yesterday, all thanks to @TeamInstaxPh. It’s so beautiful. I cannot wait to show you how to use it and what you can do with your Instax prints.

{2} Wacky, used to be an active landscape photographer, so we turned his photos into postcards and included it in our booth. Most of his Batanes photos were sold out. Yay! We will be reprinting soon and sell it online.

{3} While boyfriend is a landscape photographer, I tried to be a landscape painter. I have few paintings already but it’s been awhile since I last painted. When I attempted to do another one few weeks ago, it didn’t turn out the way I wanted it. So instead, I used it as a background and made it a mixed media art; added inks like black, white and gold, also washi tapes. And that’s the final artwork, now hanging on my wall. I actually enjoyed doing it and love the output.

{4} I asked my sister for an Intuos Draw for my birthday. Didn’t play with it much until recently and I cannot believe why I didn’t use a pen tablet before when I was still doing custom design. I am so loving it. It’s very helpful and so much convenient than mouse. Then, I ordered a wireless kit and it became even better.

And since today was about Print Ta, here are few sellers that you might want to follow on instagram.

{1} Ira Teves Crooks {2} The Weekend Writers  {3} Xiaoplz {4} Goldfish and Clouds

And as for Artisan Paperie, we sell our own stationery line. We have the gift wrapping set, greeting cards {one is a collaboration with Karla Singson. The other one is the gold foil series}, photograph postcards from me and Wacky and we also have Instax prints.

My handsome assistant during the bazaar. It’s his first training before we join big bazaars this Christmas season, hehe. And he did very well. {Thank you, babe for helping and being there with me tonight}.

I would also like to say thank to those who dropped by and bought from us… thank you very much for supporting local artists. It meant so much to us knowing that our artworks are being appreciated by others. Thank you Karla for the idea of bringing back the art of greeting cards and I was motivated to join bazaars again. To Xiao and Jesh for organising the expo. It so nice to have a venue for artist/sellers like us. Lastly, to my Mama, she’s always been supportive when it comes this.

And that’s why this was not my usual Sunday… Few days from now, it’s ber season already, and it will be a very busy season for me and for all the handmade sellers. May we have all the energy, creativity and strength to keep up. Let’s finish this year strong.

Good night everyone.


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