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Normally, it would take me a lot of procrastinating to finally make a new design for my businesses. In this case, our yearly participation in a bridal fair, encourages me to create something different from our previous designs. Thus, includes my business cards and leaftlets. 

The thing is… I don’t know if you also feel that it’s easier to design for someone else rather than for your own thing. Because, that’s really one dilema for me… But anyway, since I made more time with my crafting and inspired with doilies lately, I’ve decided to incorporate this with it… Let me share how I did my business cards and leaflets with my craft tools.

For the business card, you will need:

• 2×3-in. calling card design

• A4-size #250gsm coated paper or cardstock

• Printer

• your trustee scissors

How to:

• Simply print your design in a coated paper or cardstock. Make sure your design has a space at the bottom part, so as not to make the card too small than the usual.

• Since, I used a doily effect design, I just cut the curves at the bottom. I would have used another puncher but apparently, the paper was too thick, even for Martha Stewart’s tools. I wouldn’t want to use a thinner paper so I have no choice but to cut it manually.

Now for the leaflet, you’ll need:

• Leaflet design arranged to maximize your paper

• A4-size paper {preferably glossy}

• Printer

Martha Stewart Doily Lace edge punch

• Cutter or Scissors

How to:

• Print you leaflet design on A4 paper, then cut them separately. Same with the business card, make sure to leave a space at the bottom of the design so no details will be cut-out when you use the puncher.

• I used Martha Stewart Doily Lace edge punch for the bottom part.

It’s just simple right? A little tedious though because we have to produce a lot of this for the bridal fair… So go get your punchers or other craft tools and DIY your own promotional materials. Here’s another round-up from Eat Love and Style for more creative DIY calling cards.


21 thoughts on “DIY: Business Cards and Leaflets”

  1. That is gorgeous!!
    I used to do something very similar but I won some flyers and cards a little while back so I haven’t really had to print more for a while 😀

    But, cutting with scissors must be very tiring! I had to buy myself a small paper cutter for 10 dollars b/c my hand started to cramp lol 🙂 But for those manually cut scallops you did a super job!

    1. Oh you’re so lucky to have won that free print… {so envy now…lol} So true that it’s really tiring… but beauty has a price, hahaha…

  2. What?? You have the doily puncher? I LOVE that puncher!!!! 😀 Pahiram.. haha Very, very nice pril! Both projects. I love your card, it’s really pretty. And your leaflet is just really cute!

  3. Good morning April!

    Thank you very much for your reply at BYW. I like it, and it gave a chance to come and visit your lovely blog. What a nice blog you have, I’ve seen just a little, but I want to explore it more.
    When I see lovely blogs like yours, I realize that I have so much to improve mine.
    Have a wonderful day.

    1. Hello Gigi… you’re so welcome… it’s just so nice of you to drop by… oh your blog is so nice already… I enjoyed reading your blogs too… you shared the cutest links… keep it up Gigi! Cheers to more creative ideas to our blog =)

      1. hello artisan, i can help you with the video part…ok? you really did a great job there…i love the flyers and the business card…very beautiful and very attractive…

        1. hahaha… why you calling me artisan ahia? hahaha the video you made for me was really really nice… will share it on my next posts… thank you so much for offering your help… hihihi mwaaah!

  4. Hi April,

    this is a very cute post. It has inspired me to start designing my own paper products to. I needed a little swing tag to add to my scatter cushions.

    It wasn’t as easy as you made it look 😉 but I think I have managed. I can’t wait to print them out and see what they look like.

    See you in class.

    1. Hello Lelanie… thank you for dropping by… I was so glad it inspired you to design your own thing… I can’t wait to see it too… See you in class =)

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  6. Oh my your DIY business cards/flyers look amazing. I was in a show and never thought of creating flyers for customers to take. This is awesome. Thank you for featuring my site, it was very lovely of you.


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