Bridal Fair 2011

Bazaar + Exhibit

I was so happy when I read a lot of comments from my DIY: business card and leaflet post, now, here’s where we used it for… a bridal fair!

Apparently, I wasn’t able to get nice photos of it because I went to Hongkong with my family during this event. Gladly, I got back on the last day and literally on the last hour before the mall closed. So this is the only photo I got, since most of the booths started packing up already, including our booth partner Green Tomato, {tsk2…}

These are from my iphone… before the event, we tried a mock set-up in our studio.

My ever trustee partner, Heintje, made me a short video so I can see our booth while I was away, such a sweet guy! I was so touched since I was only asking him to take a photo but he made me a video instead {finally! hahaha}. I hope you’ll enjoy it…



3 thoughts on “Bridal Fair 2011”

  1. thanks for mentioning me here in your wonderful blog…it would have been a lot better if you were there with us…hehehehe…the booth wasn’t the same without the Artisan!

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