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I didn’t notice that it’s already been 4years now that I’ve been using my very own planner. Now, it’s that time again when I get to customise it. While others are listing down their goals or new year’s resolution, well I have my fair share of that part too, customising the pages of my plannerContrary to the new year, I’m using one of my old designs I had for this coming 2015. We printed this way back 2011 and had maybe just 10 pieces out in the store. This year we’re able to bind the old prints and had less than 10 pieces of this. Feels like a limited edition.My handy dandy stash of stickers, post-its and monthly calendars are out in their box again. I was surprise that I really have a lot in stock knowing I haven’t been buying any stationeries recently. Yes guilty indeed, I used to be a hoarder. These are just half of the stash. I designed the Artisan Planner with blank days and dates. Basically, to customise the pages with markers, colored pens and stickers and everything cute.
I put post-its at the back in case I’ll need it in the future.At the back of each planner is a short note from me… Last 2011, I had a blogpost about the same thing. I can’t imagine thats such a long time ago. And I’ve realised I’ve been blogging that long. Wow! This must be one of the few things I’ve been really that committed about something. So, allow me pat myself at the back, and a little spank behind for doing so.

Now… I’ve been a big a fan of Kikki.K and how I love all their stationeries. So here’s a little inspiration for you on how to custom your planners.

Let’s cheers to a wonderful, more creativity and a happy 2015. My mama and I are planning to pig out for dinner. That’s the master plan for tonight. How about you? How are you spending your new year’s eve?


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