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For more than 6 years now, I never stopped using a planner. I started from a giveaway from SunLife Insurance planner {it was a formal kind, but it was so helpful during my college days}, until I was able to afford Starbucks planner after college. Then came with my own handmade and designed planners last year.

I feel a little emotional about it, because I never would have thought I can make my own planner {all thanks to my ever trustee partner, Heintje for making it possible}. I never even imagined someone would be interested to buy my own design.

And so, somehow, I had a hard time parting with my old planner {the pink one}, because that’s my very first handmade design. I had written my never ending to-do lists and plans there, and I have always brought it with me. But then, change is good. Just like when I left my blogger, it was sad, but I am happy now with my new site. And I know same thing with my new vintage planner, new feel and new plans ahead.

If you were able to buy them, can you please, please send me photos of it, at [email protected]? I would very much appreciate seeing someone is actually using it too. If you’re interested to buy, it’s only P380 with three designs.


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