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Hello friends… it’s a lovely gloomy christmas day here and we’re having a christmas party with my whole family clan in Yellow Hauz. How about you?

Anyway, are you excited for the coming new year? I’m quite excited and anxious actually thinking what’s gonna happen for me in 2012, but I’m really hoping a more prosperous one, I think we all wish for that, right?

In the spirit of welcoming a new year, I want to start it off with a calendar giveaway… I’ll be giving away 3 calendars, so there will be 3 winners, and all you have to do is comment below and tell me what’s your new year resolution.

calendar giveaway

I’ll be sharing mine once I’m done with my new year plan list, I think it’s gonna be quite a lot. I’m excited to know what’s yours.

p.s. If you’re kind enough and want to like my facebook page, please do so and I would definitely appreciate that… hehe. Merry Christmas again everyone!

updated: p.p.s. Funny I forgot to mention the deadline, which will be on December 31, 2011 and winners will be picked randomly. 


6 thoughts on “New Year Giveaway”

  1. Hello, I got here through your FB page. I’m a big fan of vintage crafts and yours are just too pretty & very creative! 😀

    I guess my New Years resolution is keeping a more optimistic outlook so that I won’t be troubled by little irrelevant details that may hinder my goals in life. ^_^

  2. Make every single moment counts! Most importantly, concentrate on becoming healthy and physically fit! I badly need to lose weight. LOL

    Anyway, I already liked the FB page. Thank you.

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