Instagram Sunday #65

Instagram Sunday

Woah! My last post for an instagram sunday was since October. Was time really that fast? I didn’t notice it’s been that long… and the past few months was quite slow for me yet haven’t done anything quite significant.

Anyway, if you’re new to my blog… one of my routines during Sundays is a recap of my instagram feed. And I share the people I follow and favourite feed. And yes, I’m quite addicted to instagram that I dedicated a post to it.{1} Once again, my calligraphy skills was put into test. My cousins and I have a christmas custom where we give back to our titos and titas by giving them gifts. Can’t help try that copper ink and it looks divine!

{2} A friend ordered my handmade rosary as his gift to his colleagues. Its made of assorted gems like, aquamarine, rose quarts and more, and it comes with a box and tag just perfect as a christmas gift.

{3} My washi tapes and twines were so handy for my gift wrapping theme this year.

{4} Was cleaning my desk few days ago, and found my notebook that I attempted to doodle during one of my travels in Japan. But that was the only time I tried travel doodling.

Since its christmas, I love seeing theme in my feed and here are few of my favourites. Some are DIY and free printable.

{1} mariacalcetines {2} Lia Griffth {3} Persnickety Prints {4} Violet and Percy

It’s been raining here all day… and I’ve been sleeping all day… How’s the weather in your place? Keep safe and dry will you?



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