Breakfast and Watercolor at the Beach

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One thing I love most about Davao is you can simply get away from your busy schedule… I was quite stressed out for the passed few weeks and so I asked my mom if she wanted to go to the beach for breakfast.

And yesterday morning… there we were… having breakfast at the beach… at Paradise Island Beach Resort. This is one of my go-to beach when I wanted to have some relax time since it’s less than 30-minute drive and 10-minute boat ride. Basically, you can just have breakfast there and be back in the city before lunch.I love going to the beach but I normally don’t go for a swim. I just love to lie down on a shade, read a book and listen to my mixtapes. But this time around, brought my watercolor set and pad instead of a book.

While mama was swimming, I was busy practicing. Mama was being so supportive telling me how lovely my paintings were, hahaha. {Mama knows how to make bola! lol} But seriously, I need to take some lessons. They say, “it’s never too late to learn anything new.” Look at former Pres. Aquino. Of course, how ambitious I am for comparing myself to her right? lol. But they also say “dream big.”
I was also happy to see a gumamela {hibiscus} flower, which was actually everywhere the beach. Because I needed to study it for a DIY paper flower for DGDC‘s next issue.
We went back in the city by lunch and few hours later I was back with my reality, not complaining though. I had my “me time,” just enough to recharged. It’s Kadayawan weekend here in Davao. I hope you’re enjoying it so far. Tomorrow and on Sunday morning I’m thinking of going to the streets to take photos of the events. Well let see if I can wake up early…

Oh by the way, didn’t push through with the pop-up shop, because I’ve thought people were so busy with the bazaar so I was thinking it might not be a good idea. Next week perhaps. For now… have a great weekend friends.


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