Instagram Sunday #63

Instagram Sunday

I had a movie marathon today. It’s my way of taking a break aside from going to coffee shops. So I got a little addicted to Marvel’s Agents of SHIELD and finished the whole season 1. Do you know that series? If you don’t and you like Marvel movies, you’ll love their series too. And after that, I watched The Other Woman, the one with Cameron Diaz.

Ahhh… the art of doing nothing. It would have been great if I’m doing it on a beach, then it would be perfect, don’t you think? But I couldn’t ask for me. I feel happy with my bed.

Anyway, all I had in my instagram feed were mostly paper flowers. Even when I sleep, I still think of paper flowers. I must be a little crazy over it, haha. But this week, I’ll post more about what’s new in the store.

I’m having a Paper Flower Workshop this August 24 {Sunday} at Yellow Hauz. You can register here to reserve a slot.  Hope you can join me.

Anyway, out of the busy things going on this week, I’m sharing one of the things I love most on instagram, which is packaging. It’s just nice that instagram can be an inspiration of so many pretty things. And I see lovely packaging out there.

{1} jenhewett  {2} lepetitpaperie  {3} blankgoods  {4} nadiavdmescht

So maybe this weekend, which is a Kadayawan week, I’ll probably have a pop-up shop in Yellow Hauz. Oh it’s gonna be a busy week for Davao for sure. There’s a big bazaar, food street and bands… I’m so going out this weekend.

But before a busy week, I’ll probably head to the beach one of this days. Simply to do nothing and just feel the wind, sand and water… ahhh… I think I’m already dreaming while I’m typing this.

Whatever your plan is this week… make it happen… I’ll also keep that in mind… have a goodnight friends.


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