Designers Meetup 6

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It’s still Monday, yet my mind is already flying this coming weekend. No! Make that… my tummy is seriously flying! The saying “butterflies in my stomach” does not apply anymore because I think it’s bigger than butterflies because I’ll be talking in front of young designers this coming Saturday.

Ahuh! Talk as in live, in front of real people. Let me share my sentiments. First, I’m not fond of public speaking. Second, I’ll be in front of young designers that I also looked up to for being so talented. Third, okay this may sound embarrassing, but I don’t know how to use powerpoint or keynote. Yes! That’s a fact. So how am I supposed to do this?

I wouldn’t want to invite people because more people means I’ll be more nervous. But on the other side, I feel proud to be invited as one of their speakers… I’ve attended their event once and their speakers were really great and inspiring. Okay, I’m having a nervous breakdown now.

So if you’re free this Saturday and you want to hear about the stories behind our every design, come join us. And if you’ll make it, please do say hi. It would be nice to meet new friends…


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