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Artisan Paperie Review

Hello, lovelies. I have another book to share with you. This might be new from my usual book reviews but it is still craft related.

Although, I’ve been sharing and showing a lot of english craft books, I also have few collection of Japanese craft books. There was a time, I wanted to learn Nihongo just so I can read the book, lol.

But here’s what’s nice about Japanese books. They are so visual that you can understand the projects right away. They’ll show you steps that are easily understandable which is pretty great.

Another thing why I love Japanese craft books is the kind of paper they use. It’s matte in roughly 80-100gsm (like a thick bond paper but thinner than cardstock).

Aside from falling in love with their beautiful vintage style, their photos are just lovely and warm.

Even if you don’t feel like creating any craft projects, the photos will just surely inspire you.

These books I’m sharing are more about papercrafts. These are not my personal collection but available in the shop, Artisan Paperie.

If you want to see more of these, I made a video and shared the pages inside.

Since these books are not my personal but from Artisan Paperie, they are available for sale in case you are interested. You can email me at [email protected] or you can visit our facebook page: Artisan Paperie and Instagram: Artisan Paperie if you want to see more of our products.

I’m concentrating more on adding more merch for Artisan Paperie. For now though, I’m still drafting and just painting. But I’m hoping I’ll be able to come up with something this month.

Anyway, if you feel like watching more videos like this, here’s my playlist on Youtube Art Supply; Stationery playlist; and then some.

See you on my next post.


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