Big Bad Wolf Book Haul 2019

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If you’ve seen my last studio vlog, Wacky and I attended the opening of Big Bad Wolf Davao. One of the events I look forward to since last year.

I was so excited for this event because… booooks!!! Need I say more? I shared more about that here.

Now, I want to show our book haul. We got few books and spend 3 hours (which is not enough at all).

Please be kind, it’s my first time to talk and show my face in front of the camera (insert grin smile emoji). Thought, I’d do it since it will be easier rather than voice over. I guess, I also like the idea that Nicolas was with me in the first part. Makes it less scary.

We got various genres for our pick. From crafting of course, business related, graphic novels, children and recipe book. Didn’t get a how-to kind book because I know I wouldn’t have time to create new things this time. But don’t worry, they have so many craft books.

You still have time to catch up because it’s their last day today. Yup! So, hurry and see you there because I’ll also catch up with my last minute book shopping.

Anyway, here’s my experience from Big Bad Wolf 2018. Until next year.


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