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Last post was about the art scene of Reset 6100. Now let me share to you what happened during the night, which was the music scene.

So, after we had our inasal {which was soooo good that I’m actually craving now that I imagined it again} and from hopping from one café to another, we went back in the event area, which was at Eat District by the way. The entrance had this dramatic short tunnel with dim colored lights and some paints on the ground. And as I entered, I was feeling more excited, wondering what’s happening at the end of this. Yes, I know, I get amazed easily… Once you reached the end of the tunnel, you will see an open space. Some group of friends were seated on the ground chatting; some were busy in their booths selling shirts and other merchandise; others were skateboarding and at the end of it was the big stage with bands already playing. Then you’ll know, the music scene was about to start.There were a lot of performers from different places during that night. There were bands; acoustic with a twist of hip-hop and rap {I don’t know what it was called, but it was indeed entertaining and something new to me}; drummers, fire and maskara dancers accompanied the DJs. It was a night filled with good music.

Let me show you my photos and videos but then again, I apolgize because I wasn’t able get their names or the line ups of the performers.

There were already bands performing before we arrived. Then later on, this acoustic, hip-hop, rap {whatever it is} trio really got my attention and I was really having fun with how they remixed the songs without any instruments except for their voices.

After which, the stage was being prepared for the line up of DJs from different places as well. Started off by Clyde Harris accompanied by this cool sax and other instruments. Noticed, I only mentioned the sax alone? A bit biased here because my heart tingles and my soul levitates whenever I hear saxophone. So basically, other instruments disappeared when I heard the sax.One DJ was accompanied by drummers. These drummers and the guys from above were just playing along with the DJs. Ain’t that amusing?

And of course, two of our local DJs to represent Davao. That’s DJ Torch.While he was playing, fire dancers were also doing their thing on the stage…Next was DJ Wacky. Oh look! That’s my logo there. I still get that kilig feeling whenever I see one of my designs. And that one was on a big screen with flashing lights and… in Bacolod! Not just here in Davao. It’s not everyday that you get to see your design on a different city, right? Wacky played trance that night. Then John Odin from Manila, was the last one who played during that night. Unfortunately, at this time, my memory was already full and I don’t have a photo of him playing. That’s Pat-Wacky-JP (John Odin). Both from Manila.That’sGab. He’s the photographer of these two, also from Davao. Normally, if there’s an event like this, I tagged along with him so I feel like I’m also “one of the photographers.” Now, all thanks to Gab, he had few shots of me from the event.The four us were wearing rastaclats: DJ Torch, DJ Wacky, Gab and me. That calls for a handfie. Can you guess where’s my hand? Photo by Gab.So, I hope I was able to give you the same feeling I had during that time and enticed you to experience festivals like this especially if you’re in the creative field. It’s nice to exposed yourself in a pool of creative people in different forms. Like this one, you’ll see various artists and musicians and you get their positive energy and somehow gives you inspiration. Well, that’s how it was for me. Who knows you’ll get the same vibe too.

I also hope we do something like this here in Davao. There’s this group here called DGDC who does similar events like this too but just in a smaller scale. Maybe, next time, it will get bigger and more artists will be involved.

Anyway, that’s about the event. Up next… Bacolod’s local cafes…


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