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This year was totally intended for travelling. As my favourite author, Paolo Coelho would put it… “When you want something, the universe conspires in helping you achieve it.” Indeed, everything happened unexpectedly and smoothly for this travel intention.

So just as this month came in, I was able to go to six different cities in the Philippines in a span of one week. This is probably, one of the most interesting trips I’ve ever had. Majority of this trip was unplanned, which was crazy and fun. Yet, it became more awesome because I was exposed into different sides of creativity. From music, art and photography. Then I get to meet a lot of interesting people that truly inspired me to get back to my rhythm.

Let’s start off with my first destination…

Bacolod : Reset 6100 Urban Art and Music Festival

I was invited by Wacky because he happen to have a gig for this event. When I found out it was an art and music festival, my eyes grew big and thought of different ways on how to come up with a budget for this trip.

And again, the universe made way because I got free domestic plane tickets due to cancelled flight from our recent summer vacation with the family. Can you imagine how this is happening? Oh, you better follow this six-cities trip of mine because most of it just happened by luck.

Anyway, we got there on the same day of the event; rested for awhile since it was a whole day event and when we got there… this scene welcomed me…When a “frustrated turned to be an amateur painter” like me sees this kinds of scenarios, this is what happened – my heart starts pumping really fast, and just like in the cartoons, I have this heart signs popping out of my eyes. In my head, I’m also doing the “singing in the rain” dance step. Seriously! Those are the best ways to describe how I feel whenever I see something like this. I then declared then and there that it was an “artsy fartsy day.” A euphoric day for me, if I may call it.Somehow, this scene was not new to me since there’s this group in Davao called DGDC that does similar activities such as this. But still, I will never ever get tired of getting giddy whenever I see something like this. So, I always have this “love at first sight” feeling about this.

It was a very hot afternoon but everyone was just so happy doing their own businesses. Some were busy painting for their artworks. Others like me, were busy taking pictures.

I would want to introduce their names but I was too shy to interact with them, plus I don’t want to distract them. So let me just show you their masterpieces instead….

I wasn’t able to finish the entire painting session because we went to try one of the famous cafés in Bacolod. And when we got back, their artwork were already displayed. Sorry, this was the only photo I got of their final artwork because I couldn’t get a decent one because of low light.Now, while on one side of the event was about art, the other side was more about movement… with bicycles and skateboards. Let me give a big thank you to Joel of Fujifilm for lending me this beautiful X-T1. I blogged about my love for Fujifilm two years ago and I never thought, I can actually use one. And boy! It is soooo beautiful. I am very much converted and I am thinking of so many “rackets” so I can save up for this baby. “Calling the universe again, to conspire on this matter, hehe.”Did you have fun so far with the art scene? I know I did… with a big smile on my face. And all these were just during the day. Reset 6100 was an art and music festival; so up next, is the music scene and the cafés we went to. And my golly! Bacolod has so many super cute local cafés. And I’m sure, you’ll love to try them out.

For now, may sleep first and I have a big and exciting day later… I’m gonna do a mural. Woohoo!


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