Artisan Paperie’s Birthday Calendar

Artisan Paperie

The Birthday Calendar is now available online – Artisan Paperie. And yes, I just reopened it and you can find most of the things I posted on my instagram feed, @iam_artisan and @artisanpaperie there.

Now, what exactly is a birthday calendar? Well… it is still basically a calendar but instead of reminding you what day it is today, it’s reminding you who’s birthday or anniversary it is.

I mentioned last time how poor I am with dates. Truly! I always forget friend’s birthdays, or the anniversaries of Yellow Hauz, Artisan PaperieNow, if only I am like my late Lola, who remembered all the birthdays in the family; from her mga anak to her apo, without writing it down, then I wouldn’t probably need this one.

But I am not! And I like writing things down. That’s where this birthday calendar started.

Go get your coloured pens, stickers, stamps, washi tapes or however you like to decorate it.

Then, I like using cork boards. So, I normally hang my calendars there together with postcards and artworks. That beautiful Merci artwork was from Anina Rubio.

Or you can simply display it on a wall…This Birthday Calendar is a 4.5×6-in; flat printed on 250gsm textured matte paper and comes with a silver animal paper clip.

It’s Small Business Saturday, which means, its a shopping sale a Saturday after Thanksgiving. So I’m offering 10% off from it’s normal price of Php250 until Cyber Monday.

All the items there are on sale too. So head over to Artisan Paperie, maybe you’ll find something interesting there.

I would really love to see how you will display or write down the birthdays/anniversaries on this one. Kindly tag me @iam_artisan and @artisanpaperie.


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