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You know how some girls find shoes and bags fascinating? For a time, I asked myself, how come I never had that thing? Then I realized, it’s not those things that are calling my name every time I go shopping. It’s mostly gadgets. Yes! I may like handmade and crafty things, but I am very much into gadgets specifically accessories.

I have almost everything I can connect to my laptop or cellphone. From numerous external hard drive, usb port, external trackpad, mighty mouse up to the smallest cutest and nonsense ones like electric and laptop fan and lamp. Please don’t judge, hihi.

But seriously, I really like collecting accessories for my gadget. And when I found out some of the items from Lazada were on sale and it’s not just any accessories, it’s Belkin. Imagine how big my eyes grew!Let me give you my top 5 most wanted Belkin products and why…

Thin Type Keyboard Case for iPad Air – I’ve been using laptop for more than 10 years now and I’m really used to keyboards. And so this thin keyboard case for iPad Air is like heaven sent. It’s like having a mini laptop with you. And it’s on 50% off. I’m hyperventilating here guys. Yes! I take my accessories seriously.

Metallic Lightning Sync/Charge Cable – Half the length of the normal charger plus it is not only for charging but it also syncs. Not only it’s great with power banks because it’s short, it’s tidy in a bag.

Lightning to USB Keychain – I was already happy with the 6-inch lightning sync/charge cable but when I saw this, I said OMG! It’s the most perfect charging solution ever. It’s so practical and convenient.

Sport-fit Plus Armband for iPhone6 – So I do boxing and yoga once in awhile. And sometimes I just leave my phone in the car because I don’t want to leave it in my gym bag. But hello there armband where you can put money in it.

Universal Charger Kit – Trust me when I say, this one is very very much helpful when you are travelling. I remember when we were in Taiwan and they have a different plug. I went crazy. We were able to borrow an adopter from the hotel but my Mama and sister had to share it. Imagine the agony of waiting.

Need I say more? You can check my Lazada Wishlist to know more about these accessories and go check other Belkin products, I’m definite, you’ll go crazy too. 


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