Collating Artisan Paperie’s Birthday Calendar

Artisan Paperie

It’s been awhile now that I came up with another stationery line for my own brand, Artisan Paperie. For the past few years, I’ve been concentrating with my planners and gift wrapping set. But this year, I am adding new product in the family…

In designing my stationery line, I always keep in mind that it can be use anytime of the year. For example the Artisan Planners, I know it’s a yearly thing but I made the dates and days blank, so anyone who will buy it won’t be restricted to use it anytime of the year. Plus it gives you the freedom to play more with your creativity. You can use your coloured pens, washi tapes and everything in your craft stash.

Now, another thing that I like designing are calendars. This is my favourite christmas gift because it’s very functional. However, on the other hand, it limits you to use it only on the specific year.

Thus, the idea of Birthday Calendar. You see, I am very very poor when it comes to dates. I normally get lost what day/date it is today moreover with birthdays and anniversaries. So, what better way to keep track of these dates? Write them down. Well at least to me, that’s how I recall things. That’s the very reason why I still use planners until now despite the reminder app.

For the past few days, my new assistant, Johaira {Yes! Finally! I have an assistant again, woohoo} is so busy printing, cutting and assembling the birthday calendarsWe do everything in my mini studio. From printing, cutting to packing. And these apply to all my stationery line from planners, gift wrappers, notecards and more. I personally packed the items first. Then teach my assistant the oc way of packing it.

Here’s a sneak peek of the birthday calendar.
How to bind the birthday calendar was a challenge at first, because choices would be to make it stand or hang it. And of course, every small details matter. I decided I want the idea of hanging it and so I looked for paper clips that look crafty but not to colourful. And look what I found? Oh! Those animal paper clips just gave that umph feel. Then wrapped with a paper belt where I totally changed my logo. That’s not the final logo yet {but that’s another story to tell}.Here it is… the paper clips come in 4 designs: Deer, Penguin, Horse, Bird.Black and white with a touch of silver. Anyway, later I’ll be having a Black Friday sale and I’m re-opening my online shop, Artisan Paperie. I hope you can check it out again later.


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