Art Attack2 in Yellow Hauz

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Like I said from my last post, I’m a bit active with graphic design lately and not just that, I have become friends with some of the guys from the community. Now these guys are not only talented but they really have the passion for graphic design and for sustaining the local community, that’s why Davao Graphic Design Community was created.

Marx as one of the founders of this group, have been organising an art exhibit for the local designers called Art Attack. It’s their 2nd time this year and as part of supporting the local talents, Yellow Hauz became the event place.

Since it was my first time to be in an exhibit, I was surprise with the support by all the artists. There were so many participants and their artworks were all so beautiful. I didn’t get to talk to them all but their artworks speak for themselves.

The place was jam-packed. Full or various artists, from graphic designers, web developers, photographers, musicians and a crafter like me, hehe.

There was a video presentation from last year’s Art Attack. We served food with the help of my ever supportive and helpful mom. Then there were 8 acoustic artists who played all night. But I was really astonished by the live demo done by Chad and Alben.

That night was really really fun and awesome. You get to meet local artists, hear music and see their great work. Some of the artworks were displayed on the easel and some were hanged. You can check them all here.

Truthfully, it was tiring but happy and the event was such a success. Kudos to Marx, Paolo, Jopal, Sky and to all DGDC. I salute the passion and perseverance. I’m proud to be part of this talented group in Davao. Cheers and til’ the next Art Attack!

A photo of me with the guys via Yon.


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