Instagram Sunday #20

Instagram Sunday

Don’t you just love Sundays? It’s a rest day for me. Sometimes, I sleep all day, there are times I do crafting, but mostly, I just sleep, lol. I rest because Mondays are crazy for me, so I try to prepare myself for the beginning of the week.

But of course, my Sunday wouldn’t be complete without my Instagram Sunday.

{1} Yellow Hauz had new pastries lined up for this week ’til next week. That’s Lemon Poppy Seed Muffin. We also have Red Velvet cupcakes and more.

{2} Did a workshop for kids and I was still having fun so I continued crafting in my room all evening while watching DVD.

{3} It seems that my brain won’t work without my cappuccino. Shocks! I can say that I’m depended on coffee now. Not sure how I feel about that.

{4} A regram from my sister’s wedding. Our family photo during her wedding.

Hope all is well… have a great week ahead. Goodnight folks!


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