Yellow Hauz: Orange & Almond

Yellow Hauz

I mentioned before that I’m a barista by day. One of my favorite thing of being a barista is you get to try different drinks.

And this month’s flavored drink for Yellow Hauz is quite unusual for some people. Some may not like it, but others would also love it. I have a thing with orange flavor before and I thought, why not combine it with coffee.

Thus, Orange & Almond in latté or iced was formulated.

If you don’t feel the almonds, try PhotoCOFFEE, it’s a combination of white chocolate and orange. A bit curious about this orange flavor? Head over to Yellow Hauz because this will only be offered this month. Although PhotoCoffee is part of our menu.

We are also celebrating our 5th year anniversary next weekend. We will have photobooth and free Americano for everyone. I’ll keep you posted through our facebook.


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