Instagram Sunday

Instagram Sunday

A lot of events happened for the past few weeks. That’s why I’ve been quiet for some time now. Most of the happenings were seriously great and few were also unfortunate. Anyway, the good ones include some invitations to do a craft demo, workshop with friends, and great projects. The unfortunate one would be the lost of my macbook pro.

Nonetheless, all is great for every time you lose something, it could also mean a new beginning or fresh start. So here I am with a new gadget, projects and ideas.

An habitual to my sunday routine, here are some of the photos from my instagram. I decided to get only the recent ones so not to overwhelmed you with my nonsense.

{1} My sister Sandy and my brother-in-law Opet is the most sweetest people in the world. They do know how to make me smile like a kid. They bought me a new toy. Now what to name it? Any suggestions?

{2} I was lurking some of my books for a new drink for Yellow Hauz and I found dried petals in between the pages. Do you also do this?

{3} This week was full of beverage tasting, which I’m very fond of. One of which was trying out some new coffee beans. We’re making sure to get our customers better coffee.

{4} Then my sister and I attended a tea appreciation seminar, which I like very much since I’ve been addicted to tea lately. Were also adding new flavors in Yellow Hauz.

A week before the tasting and a new toy…

{1} Since I lost my laptop from one of my trips, I’m back with my old one whom I called Tatang, because it’s a very very old macbook pro.

{2} Designing my sister’s invitation and I’m sketching Venice’s facade as her background.

{3} One of my impromptu trips just to see Joss Stone. Yes I’m a very big fan of hers.

{4} The trip was in Puerto Gallera and the event was Malasimbo music and arts festival. It was a great way to start my summer.

There goes another week… I can’t seriously keep up with time. But I’m enjoying every minute of it… How did your week go?


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