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Did you remember, I did a DIY Fabric Notebook for Bonnie Christine’s new fabric line called Sweet as Honey? Well, I really enjoyed that one and I feel so honoured to be part of it too. Now, she had a new collection called Winged and I got lucky again to be part of her another blog tour.If you’re not familiar with a blog tour. It’s actually hopping from one blog to another. For 31 days, 31 bloggers will inspire you with different DIY‘s using her fabric line called Winged. It already started last November 3 and I’ll be doing mine on December 11.

Ooooh, I can’t wait to do my project. I’m taking this challenge to learn how to sew. Yes, I know… for a crafter, sewing is not my thing… yet… The odd thing is, we are a family of seamstress. So, I’m hoping this will be the day I’ll learn this craft. I’ll be doing an artist brush case. I wanted to buy this when I was in Vancouver, but I’ve thought of making my own. Surprisingly, this blog tour is such a perfect timing. What excites me most is we get to choose the design we want from her fabric line. Can you guess which one I chose?If you want ideas on what you can do with fabric, and I tell you, there are so many of them… here’s the blog tour schedule and the blogs who are part of it. Wish me luck on my new craft adventure…


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