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I seldom get a project that is non-wedding related. But recently, the world is probably conspiring and it’s giving me projects that I wanted. The ones that are quite challenging and out of my ordinary routine. And this is really making me super happy. Not only I get to play with my creativity, I also get to play with different medium aside from paper and print.

Firstly, a project for an interior designer using paint and a big canvas. Having this as my inspiration. Can’t wait to share this with you… Secondly, I’ll be doing a packaging for a local pastry shop here in Davao. Now, as I was studying for this project. I came across with such lovely packaging designs and Mast Brothers Chocolate really caught my attention. Although, my project wasn’t about chocolates, I want to get inspirations from other forms. And my… look at those patterns… seriously!

And… their video is just funny and quirky that I got attracted to it more.

While I was writing this… I was seriously dreaming of chocolates. Apparently, it’s already late and I’m trying to avoid sweets for this week. You can’t imagine how much ice cream I ate over the weekend.

If you’re having a creative block in designing, I hope my inspirations were able to stir those creative juice at some point. Goodnight artists, designers, crafters, writers and all of you who are in the creative field and still working at this hour.


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