What happened last DJ Workshop {Sept 2016}

Crafting + Workshop

So, the first DJ workshop collaboration of Artisan PaperieWacky Masbad and Jik Sinfuego (Jack Ripper) happened two weeks ago. Truth be told, I was nervous about this workshop. I’ve done workshops a lot of times already, but this one’s a bit different. For one, we needed to rent a lot of equipment. Second, I have no idea about these equipment. And there were so many to consider, from controller to speaker to all the cords and whatever. Not to mention the kit that I have to prepare and outsource. Lastly, this is probably the first DJ workshop here in Davao, imagine, there’s pressure, standard and everything else in between.

I wasn’t sure how we started the idea, but Wacky and Jik2 have been doing this for years, I’ve done it for a couple of sessions when Wacky and I were dating {yiheee, the moves! My moves actually, hahaha}. The 3 of us love music and we know it’s about time to share that knowledge. Really thankful, it went well and it was fun just like every workshops I did and I attended.

Few days before, I’ve been posting about the kit on instagram: @artisanpaperieThere’s an option if you want a headphone foor just the wooden USB that comes with their mixes {these are also available in the shop, in case you want one}.

The night before the workshop, Wacky and I (well mostly just him. I was just taking photos and eating then dancing the entire time hahaha) installed the equipment, then checked the sound and a little play… Yellow Hauz became a pub for awhile. Although, we’re already closed so no one was watching.

And the day of the workshop happened…

A little story behind how Wacky and Jik2 started… and the important part, the basics.

In the afternoon was the hands-on part…

First, they tried it on the DDJ-SX (smaller version from the photo above). This is where they learned how to beatmatch.

While the others were still confused how to beatmatch, our youngest participant, Julian was fooling around with Jik2. Oh, but this young boy already know how and he has been spinning for quite time now with his mentor, Jik2.

Later in the afternoon, was the supposedly recital… But to lessen the pressure, it’s basically just moving to a bigger controller while Wacky was still assisting them.

Our pretty and only girl, Simsim was the bravest soul to try the XDJ-1000 and DJM Nexus 900. Yeah! That one maybe a bit intimidating but she did very well… so did the others.

And our first batch of DJ workshop. Thank you everyone for joining…

When everybody left, it’s my time to play… less pressure for me, haha. There were still few times when I can’t match the beat but so far, my mentor/boyfriend said, I was doing pretty good {or maybe he was just sugar coating it, who knows}. You can watch a short clip here. This was taken by Wacky.

That’s wrap! Proud of this guy right here and for Jik2 too.

The next batch would be on October 23 {Sunday}. If you’re interested, just email me [email protected] or leave me a comment, so we can reserve you a slot before we will post the details. More photos in my Facebook Page: Artisan Paperie.


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