Wednesday Book Club: Creating Papercrafts


If you’re in love with anything to do with paper just like me, then you’ll also love what I’ll be sharing for our Wednesday Book Club. It’s entitled Creating Papercrafts {Stylish ideas and step-by-step projects} by Labeena Ishaque.

This book will teach you different things you can do with paper. A little history of paper opens up more knowledge on what type of paper to use for certain projects.

From the usual gift wrapping and greeting cards, to unusual home decors and party details, this book covers it all. The projects were perfect for different holidays and most specially for everyday use.

Most of the materials used can be found easily and some were already in our homes, especially for the home decoration chapter, which was my favorite. I’m positive you’ll get inspirations on how to re-do some of your decors with this book.

If you’re planning a party, then all the more this book can be helpful, as it caters on how to set your tables and favor boxes for your souvenirs.

And just like any other book, ready templates at the back page was given so you can follow the steps easily.

Although, this book is a bit costly, maybe because it’s a hardbound, it shared a wide array of projects, and it does give you a lot of ideas on what you can do with paper and somehow applied in any occasions or for daily use.

Who would have thought paper can be so versatile in terms of usage, right? Well I hope, this enticed you to go to your local bookstore or online shop and get one of this. Specially now that holidays are fast approaching, this may come handy.


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