DIY: Another Shoebox Organizer


Recently, got a little carried away in decorating some shoe boxes and made them as my organizers. Seriously, I have few more, but I think this will do for now or else I might put another column for this one, lol.

 Last time, I used doily lace tape as one of the materials. This one, still using doily but I used Martha Stewart puncher instead.

Here are the complete materials:

Shoe box covered in manila paper

• Patterened paper

• Sticker cut-outs for lettering

Doily Lace Martha Stewart Edger Punch

• Brown Ribbon/Lace

• Scissors and glue

How to do it: 

{1}  Punch the patterned paper using the doily lace edge puncher. Since I used a 6×6 inch paper, I’ll be doing the same process twice just to cover up the box.

{2}  Measure the front cover part of the box and cut-off the paper based on the measurement. Again, I did this twice since my box is around 12-inch wide.

{3}  Glue and connect the two papers on the box. It’s up to you whether you would want to extend the paper on the side.

{4}  Add a ribbon or lace on the upper part of the box. This will also cover the edge of the paper. Make sure the ribbon you’ll use will match the patterns of the paper.

{5}  Embellishments time! I used die-cut stickers for my lettering and handmade paper for the butterfly on the side.

I’ve displayed them on my shelf and I think they’re looking pretty there. I have few more boxes to decorated and for some I used washi tapes instead. But for now, this will be my last DIY for shoe boxes, or who knows right, hihi…


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