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Hello friends… I was gone for a week or so not because I had a little vacation. But I was confined in the hospital because of dengue. Gladly… all is good now. My platelet is back to normal but I’m recovering so I’m still resting. Since it’s my first time to be admitted, I’m a bit emotional and really grateful for a lot of things now.

Times like this, you’ll really treasure the people around you who made you feel loved and special. I’m beyond thankful for my family and friends for visiting and for all the prayers they offered. I am most thankful to my mama and sister, Sandy who was there all the time for me. I know they got worried and yet they stand strong for me. Heintje, was also there, whom I’m also thankful for.

I was supposed to go to Boracay with friends two weekends ago and yet I got sick. Although it’s such a bummer, I know God has a reason for everything. And the important thing is, I’m back and good as new.

I have a lot things in mind so keep coming back… stay healthy everyone.


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