Instagram Sunday

Instagram Sunday

How’s your sunday going? I’m cleaning my room and following up on my blogging. And since I missed almost three posts in my Sunday Instagram, I’ll make it up with three sets. First let’s go back from the past then blast to the present time.

{1}  My handmade friendship bracelet is now available in the shop.

{2}  My washi tapes were ready to be shipped.

{3}  Before I left for Manila, I packed some orders from the shop, and this is what you’ll get every time you order. A nicely wrap package.

{4}  Small Crafting Kit is also available in the shop. It consists of washi tapes, french border tags and baker’s twine.

{5}  Vegan dish was served during our craft soiree. Oh how I missed Pino’s food.

{6}  Manila trip wouldn’t be complete without trying new milk tea shop. This one is from Tea Berry in A Venue in Makati.

{7}  After the craft soiree, I joined a bracelet crafternoon and finally I finished it. My arm was on the left side and on the right was from Mansy.

{8}  This is what I gave for my craft exchange for the craft soiree. More on the details on my next post.

{9}  Just a day after I came back from Manila, my college friends had an overnight stay in Hill 88. That’s us in caricature drawn by Cj.

{10}  Heintje bought me some washi tapes, fabric tapes, masking stickers, notebooks and many more from his trip in Hongkong. Such a sweetie.

{11}  Took a photo of Artisan’s look from outside.

{12}  Washi tapes in sampler packs are now displayed in the shop in mason jars.

I hope I didn’t overwhelmed you with so many photos, but enjoyed my instragram stories instead. How about you? What happened from your week? and do you also have a story from your instagram? Follow me @iam_artisan, would love to see your wonderful photos.


1 thought on “Instagram Sunday”

  1. Love, love your instagram sunday! I wish i’m as diligent as u are! Hehe! I originally planned my Starbucks 2012 planner to have my instagram photos in per week on the Notes section. Just when I was ready to print them, my photo printer decided to retire. Bummer! Now, I don’t know how can i go back and print the last 35 weeks! 🙁

    Maybe i should try this. 🙂

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