Take-out bag for Yellow Hauz

Yellow Hauz

Alright… so my being hands-on to my business; especially when it comes to costing and the DIY person I am,  can be very helpful and it had gain another creativity to our coffeeshop- Yellow Hauz. Why didn’t I think of this before? I got inspired with Twig and Thistle idea for the Valentine DIY and I thought, this is perfect for our take-out bags for the coffeeshop too.

Craft paper printed on an inkjet printer
Take-out anyone?

Who would have thought an ordinary craft paper bag can be printed with your inkjet printer and use it for a commercial take-out bag? Definitely Twig and Thistle had thought of it, hahaha. Honestly, it’s not cheaper compared if we have it printed on a printing press. But on the otherhand, we don’t need to order by bulk and it’s handmade, who doesn’t fall for handmade, right? haha and this is just the right match for our cozy coffeeshop. How do you like it? If you ask me, I really love it…


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