Beijing and a Snow

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I know I’ve been quite for more than a month now… I’ve been busy, sick {twice} and went to Beijing during my silent days. Yes, a lot of things happened and being sick was my low point. Just a warn though, this may be a long post, to compensate my absence.

I wanted to share first about our Beijing trip before all other things. So before our vacation started we had a very unexpected experience during our flight going there. When we were in the China area, we were told that we will be landing in Shanghai due to airport traffic. Then as we landed in Shanghai, we were then informed that we have to return back to Manila because Beijing was experiencing a bad weather and they have to close the airport until the morning, and Shanghai was not our destination so our only way was to come back to Manila. And that’s another 4-hour trip. It was totally horrible specially for me because I don’t like flying. But gladly, the chinese people refused to fly back and insisted to stay in Shanghai and will just wait to fly back to Beijing in the morning, so that’s only almost 2-hour flight rather than 4-hour back and forth.

My sister and I got addicted to Draw Something. But since we can't play during our flight, it didn't stop us from playing... the pen and paper style.

Our vacation was cut short by one day, so we requested our airline to extend our flight. It was a long process but it all went well and we were extended for another 2-days. Thanks to my sister’s fiance, Opet. We owe you one, future bro.

And the first day in Beijing welcomed us with not just with a cold weather but with a snow. We didn’t expect it at all, we’ve been checking the weather forecast every now and then, and we thought it was just rain, but it was not… it’s literally s-n-o-w! Our very first snow experience!

Outside our hotel
Never thought I would see a car with snow
The ground was piled with snow...

Our first stop was Ming’s tomb and the Great Wall of China, which was not a good idea because of the weather, but we took the risk since we didn’t know by then if our flight would be extended.

This is what the street looked like

On our way to Ming’s tomb, I still couldn’t believe my eyes. I see trees covered with snow just like in the photos and movies. My mom, sister and I were like kids and got so overwhelmed with the snow.

Ming's Tomb entrance. Still can't believe my eyes with those white trees
Got obsessed with snow on trees

We were not supposed to take pictures on the Ming’s tomb except for the buildings, because they believed it’s bad luck, but we couldn’t resist it. So we made sure we took our photos not with the tomb but only with the trees. I hope our theory compensated for the bad luck.

Ming's Tomb

I didn’t use Orix {my dslr, Nikon D40}, it was such a dilemma for me because I know I would drool over those wonderful cultural scene. However, I didn’t regret it, I couldn’t take much photos because I’m wearing gloves all the time. Plus, I don’t think my cam would survive the cold either.

After the tomb, Great Wall of China was our next stop. Since it was a tour, of course, there were side trips to the jadeite and silk factory, which was also fun and educational.

Riding the cable car going to the great wall tower with mama and sister

They say, if you reached the top of the Great Wall, you’re a hero, but since we rode the cable car, we’re just the cable car heroes, as our tour guide joked. Well, it was dangerous and slippery so we have no choice but to ride the cable car {lol, excuses I know}. We wanted to try and reached the top despite the slippery floor, but the place was crowded, as in literally full of people. We then decided to take photos of ourselves with the snow and few of the walls, and just pretended we’ve climbed the top.

We're avoiding the crowd. Can you see the people above?

The snow was just on our first day. It felt like it just want us to experienced it, what a luck. Good thing though, because seriously, our outfits were not ready for that. I guessed we were so caught up with the idea of the snow that’s why we we’re able to cope up with it. The next day, even though it wasn’t snowing, and the weather was 3-4degrees, we were totally feeling cold.

The rest of the days were the usual tour but this time, we did it on our own. We went to Forbidden City. My sister and I underestimated it when we first saw it. but as we moved along, my golly it was such a huge area vertically. Then later went to Tia’nenmen Square, hoping to see their flag ceremony but we couldn’t wait any longer because it was already too cold. The next day, we went to the Olympic Village.

I was hoping to see Jet Li here in Forbidden City, just kidding
Tianenmen Square with my sister
Me and mama and the Bird's Nest at the Olympic Village

When we found out we got extended, we went shopping and I bought a winter chunky jacket. And the rest was just simply eating our hearts out and shopping again.

I can finally say, I experienced winter because of my jacket... on a spring season, lol
Feeling winter again on a spring...
Bonding with my sister... infairness, we look alike here, hehe
Eating our hearts out with chinese food...

It was such a great vacation. However, I have this tradition of getting sick during the trip or after. Maybe because of the change of weather. Allergy has gone worse. It’s my second time within this month. But I’m recovering, and hoping tomorrow I can go back to work.


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  1. Very nice, pictures Teng! Blooming ka masyado, ang haba na talaga ng hair mo. Haha. I miss you girls. Sorry to hear about your flight mishap. I would have demanded for hotel accommodations to compensate for the inconvenience. Then again, the weather is not the airlines’ fault. But, yay! snow! and the great wall! Love your pic there.

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