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Few months ago, I joined a swap held by creative collection and I can’t believed, I totally forgot to share this… if you love snail mails like me, I thought you might like this simple packaging that I did.

The mail could be anything that will surprise your partner, so I packed some goodies from Artisan Paperie, like postcards, gift tags and greeting cards and I added a sweet note too. Then I wrap them with a small size doily paper and a satin ribbon. A plain white envelope finished the packaging with the custom address sticker I made.


10 thoughts on “Snail Mail love”

  1. Hello, Just popped in from the BYW site & wanted to say hi. I love swaps and snail mail, although I haven’t participated in either for a while. I like your understated mail packaging and how you used the doilies. Ditto on the pictures you hung in front of your window.

    1. Hello Teri…. that’s sweet of you to drop by in my blog… and thank you for your compliment Teri… It meant so much to me knowing I inspired you to do more DIY. =)

  2. OMG gang gang.. i have the same idea with my design for my wedding invitation.. is that ok gang gang? but it’s not totally the same.. sort of the same lng since i love doily papers too..:)like the folding of the doily paper, the ribbons used, etc will be different..

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