Happy Friday!

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Happy Friday everyone… and happy long weekend ahead. Although it’s not my favorite holiday, but it will do… No plans or getaway for me except to visit my beloved papa and angkong {grandpa} at the cemetery. But I’m still quite excited for the weekend.

Today, I’m hyper and full of inspiration. Although, I’m busy in the studio doing some costing and packaging for the Christmas season. I’m preparing all my paper goods for the upcoming bazaars. Plus, revising and printing sample invitations for my clients… I just hope I’ll finish them all today. Because later, I want to relax, since my mom and I will be spending the night in a hotel. So, I’ll be reading all my materials from my Blogging your way e-course, while sister is probably drinking mojito in Boracay by that time with our friend, Che {jealous much}.

I hope your day was doing okay… do you have big plans over the weekend?


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