Planning my Muji inspired bedroom


So, I’ve planned to renovate my room ages ago before 2011 ends actually to be exact but apparently, so much for planning that it’s already four months past this new year, I still have not yet renovated my room. My room has still more clutter despite all the boxes piled up. How can I stock so much things in a small space? But seriously, I’m taking this moment while I’m still finding my mojo to fix and clean my inner self and surroundings.

I’ve repinned some photos over pinterest to find ideas for my Muji inspired room. However, finding the right color is quite difficult with my indecisive brain. And to mind you, the colors I can’t decide on to has a minimal contrast. From the shade of beige to a very light brown tone.

Let me show you some photos to see how I wanted my room to be and if you can help me decide with the color that would be great.

As I told you, the color shade is quite noticeable but I tell you once you’ve seen a color chart, it seems it gets more complicated. So my problem lies with the color of the wall and the combination of my fixtures. I’m confused whether to use a light cream or a very light brown shade. I’ve decided to use white for the moldings and fixtures though. My golly such dilemma. Inputs are very much appreciated.

I also found a cute video ad from Muji and I thought it would be fun to share it.


4 thoughts on “Planning my Muji inspired bedroom”

  1. Hi April. Are you my missing link?! hehe! I’ve been thinking exactly the same thing for the past week. I wanted my room in those exact colors BUT with a touch of RED! I’ve pinned one from BHG if I remember it right, her craft area is in white, very light beige then the tables, boxes, etc. are in red! Super pretty. Now, my dilemma is what will I do with my boxes & boxes of different colors! The OC in me will go for changing all the boxes & file holders, etc. in red! I also love the white decals on the beige wall, you might want to try it. 🙂

    1. Oh my golly airees we have so much in commom… I hope you’ll blog about it too… and I’m glad you’re back to blogging…

      1. Hi April! I’m excited to see how your room renovation goes. Biliiis!!!! 😉 How I wish we were just neighbors! Do you have anything you want to get from Ikea? Anything that can fit half of a luggage can. Hubby will be coming home on the 21st I can have him buy something since Ikea is just an overpass away from our flat in Sg. Have you seen their red metal drawers??? I’ve been eyeing that BUT I don’t know how will I be able to bring it home! hehe 😉

        I’m still tweaking my blog…I’ve decided to move it to WordPress BUT just this morning I thought of tumblr. Haha! I am sooo fickle-minded. Can you give me an advice as to which one is better??? Thanks!

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