Paper Flower Workshop at Designer Blooms Café

Crafting + Workshop

I had one of those craziest weekend again… crazy because 24 hours was not enough in a day. Seriously! More of that in my next posts… Anyway, I have a another bazaar this coming weekend… but the fun part is, it will be in Manila. It’s the Zonta Alabang Christmas Carnivale.

But before the weekend bazaar will happen, I’m trying to be productive in a way that I’ll be doing a workshop too. First of all, I’m not sure why I’m making my life so complicated by adding more things to prepare {haha, but it’s all fun and exciting}. Secondly, I really don’t know how will I ever fit and carry all my things. Oh, I’ll figure that out… specially when I’m in a panic mode already.

I know this workshop is quite in a short notice plus it will fall on a weekday. I won’t pressure myself on this though, I just want to be productive and continue the creative juice flowing while it’s still hot.

The last time I had a paper flower workshop in Manila was in Quezon City at Hey Kessy’s studio. Now, since the bazaar will be in Alabang, I’ll be doing the workshop on this side too. I’m quite excited for this because our workspace will be at Designer Blooms Cafe, a perfect place to do paper flowers, don’t you think? 

I’ll be bringing my kit all the way from Davao so I only have 10 slots available. If you’re interested come join me and sign up here. Let’s learn a new skill on a Friday afternoon.

For those who attended my paper flower workshop at Hey Kessy’s, you are most welcome to join me again like I promised you. Do contact me at so I can count you in.

See you this Friday… and hopefully you can also visit me at Zonta Alabang Christmas Carnivale this weekend.


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