Paper Flower Workshop at Hey Kessy Studio

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I’m going to Manila end of this month to attend Fozzy’s workshop. Now, normally, I try to fit in whatever I can to make my trips productive. Either I join more workshops or I look for supplies. This time around, I’ve thought of something crazy, if I may say.

I’ve thought of holding my own Paper Flower workshop in Manila. Yes! And this is making me super duper nervous. Okay, honestly, I get nervous easily. But this is different. Because, I haven’t tried this yet and I don’t know if someone will be interested. But I’m doing it anyway, haha… All thanks to Mansy’s support. So here it is…

It’s on August 31 (Sunday) from 1-5 pm.

Hey Kessy’s Studio {71-B Esteban Abada Street, QC}

Registration fee is P1,700 comes with the kit, materials and snacks.

You can sign up here.

Hope you can join me… let’s make a garden even without a green thumb. Or if you’re planning your wedding, this is actually a nice way to make for small details too. Either way, lets just have fun and talk about craft things all afternoon.


2 thoughts on “Paper Flower Workshop at Hey Kessy Studio”

    1. Hi Fediz… thank you for shooting me a comment… sure I’ll definitely inform you once i have another batch for the paper flower… =)

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