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Last month I had a wonderful trip in what I called Craft Disneyland. It’s a craft store in Manila called Lasting Impressions. I just remembered while I was reading Joanne’s blog that I forgot to share what I bought from that beautiful store.

I really forced myself not to put too much stuff in my cart but I really couldn’t help it. As a matter of fact, I already removed more things from it, and ended up with this goodies.

Finally! I’ve been looking for this. I also bought another Martha Stewart puncher set which I forgot to take a photo of.
This cuties will be in LeBlanchette soon
Clear stamps. I wanted more, but seriously couldn’t afford to buy more.
Another edge puncher for my collection
And my ultimate weakness. Books! It’s another japanese craft book 

I have another trip to Manila next month but I’m thinking twice if I should go back to this magical place. Truly magical that you’ll feel you’re under a spell and can’t resist on buying those craft things, lol.


5 thoughts on “New Craft tools”

  1. Aprillllll!!!! I love the Japanese book! Wish I can see what it has inside 😉

    I can say that one of the best buy you got is the scoring pad – truly helpful! I can attest to that. I have one but its not Martha Stewart though and it really made my life a LOT EASIER! The vintage trinkets….oohhh, aahhh!!! hehehe! Yan ang expression namin when we first saw them sa store where I used to work in Sg. 🙂 I can truly relate to how you feel…scary to go back to craft heaven but how can u resist????

  2. hi pril! i use MS scoreboard too! makes life a lot eeeasier. That Fiskars edge puncher is cute. I wish I can visit your shop! and Im thinking of visiting Lasting Impressions too (but im scared baka mabankcrupt ako. lol). Keep posting! 🙂

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