DIY: How to Sharpen your Craft Punchers

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Last time I shared some tips on how to sharpen the scissors, this time, let’s sharpen our craft punchers.

I have to say, if my punchers can only speak, they would either be happy because they were all used up or they’ll nag me for overly using them. I can’t help it, craft punchers are one of the greatest tools in the world. And because I just love to use them, they need to be sharpened once in awhile. If you’re like me, then this tip maybe helpful for you.

Things you’ll need:

• Craft Punchers

• Alluminum Foil

• Wax Paper

How to do it:

{1}  Cut the aluminum foil into a bond paper size and fold it into half. Then cut the foil using your craft punchers several times until you think

{2}  After you’re done with the aluminum foil, do the same process, but this time with wax paper. This will make the puncher edges smoother.

TIP: Try this often to keep your punchers sharp. And if your punchers got jammed, put it in a freezer for awhile. It will shrink the metal, so once you’ll punch it again, it will losen up.


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