Instax DIY Year 2 Davao {video}

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Hello friends… I cannot believe it’s already June. I am still denying the fact that summer’s over. Well, I had one of the best summers and had a last hoorah just last week and I’m still thinking of another short beach trip nearby Davao soon. How was your summer?

Anyway, if you were able to read my blogpost about the instax DIY Davao, here’s a video version of that.

Last weekend we just had another leg in GenSan and we can’t wait to go to Cagayan de Oro soon. Oh, we’re also planning to go to different schools… so if you’re not from Davao, but somewhere in Mindanao, do not worry, you’ll will see us and experience all these.

Goodness! This is making me so happy. I get to travel and share creativity at the same time.

So… where do you want us to go next?


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