Instagram Sunday #84

Instagram Sunday

That private workshop: Abstract Loose Flower Painting For A Private Workshop I had last August ignited my fire again. I was floating and a bit uninspired and unmotivated since I was pregnant but I guess after that opportunity to do a workshop made me feel, it’s time to be back already.

After that, I had another opportunity to do a private workshop and I’ve also had few creative business ideas in mind that I want to push through.

Let me show how my week went…

Instagram Sunday #84

{1} I painted shirts for my nephew, Magnus today. It reminded me how I used to do this before and sell them. I’m actually thinking if I’ll do it again but focusing more on baby and kid’s design.

{2} I had another private workshop with my friend’s kids. I taught them Brush Lettering and I added an art print instead of name tags. I kinda enjoyed doing kids’ illustration.

{3} I enjoy preparing kits for my workshops. For the brush lettering workshop, we used watercolor but I added few brush pens so the kids can explore more with different brush tips.

{4} This was the sample I did for the Abstract Loose Flower Painting For A Private Workshop. I was so happy I get to paint again. I hope I’ll find time again to do it more often.

This week, I felt really good. And I realised whenever I push myself to do something creative, it gives me energy. It’s like an endorphin when you exercise.

Since my first workshop too, I totally felt my mojo is back. I had the urge to clean my studio so I’ll have a proper space already. Plus, ideas for business keep popping up again.

The downside of this though, I sometimes have a hard time to stop. Especially, thinking. Then upper back is aching again. But this time, I need to manage my time properly; eat properly; sleep as much as I can and no more dilly-dally. Because if I do, things get piled up, energy becomes really low. And unlike before that I only have myself to think of. I can just do whatever I want. This time, I have Nicolas to consider.

I had a good start after my hiatus. I just hope, I can learn how properly manage my time since Ber months are already here. It’s hard to miss it when you hear christmas songs at the malls already.

Anyway, let’s make this coming week count, shall we?


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