Instagram Sunday

Instagram Sunday

Instagram Sunday is one of my favorite column in my blog. Looking at my photos reminds me how my week went; whether I was productive or did some crafty. Here’s what I can share in my instagram.

{1}  I wrote a little note and this stationery reminded me of the old days where I went ga-ga over collecting and exchanging stationeries with classmates.

{2}  I joined Mansy’s mail swap. I prepared, packed and sent mine already. I hope she’ll like it though.

[3}  I went to Boracay with friends for my sister’s bridal shower last week. While others are enjoying swimming, I enjoyed a quite place on a shaded area looking at this view.

{4}  I had another henna like I did the last time I went to Boracay. This is somewhat the closest I get for a tattoo. That’s the name of my papa.

Looking forward for another week. I’ll be preparing for the Hip Pinoy this weekend and hoping I can sort this out. Happy sunday folks!


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