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I’ve been holding my breath to share a very unexpected and super kilig incident. You see few weeks back, Fozzy retweeted one of my photos in the shop when a pretty and popular blogger saw it and tweeted me asking for my email add. Woah! I could not believe it… Patty Laurel just asked for my email address! Seriously? Really?

Anyway, to make the story short and before you’ll feel how kilig I was still am actually, the exchanged of emails opened a great opportunity. And I will forever thank you Fozzy for that simple gesture.

Patty is giving away little packages of my goodies in her blog. To excite you even more, here’s a sneak peak of what’s inside… you can see these items in my shop, and every package is handmade wrapped.

I really hope whoever gets this packages will like what I’ve prepared for them. Goodluck everyone!


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