Instagram Sunday #77

Instagram Sunday

When it’s already the BER season, time just flies so fast. I cannot believe it was still last August since I last posted for Instagram Sunday. Blogging has become part of my creative expression. I enjoy sharing what I do and telling stories behind the things that I do. But sometimes, it just takes so much of my time to prepare the photos from doing a DIY or simply editing it. On top of that, sometimes, I stare at my laptop because I can’t find the words I want to say.

Anyway, I have been working on some projects both with clients and personal. And I’ve been posting them on Instagram recently.

{1} I had a 3 mural projects for Happy Home. Finally, I’m done with it and this was the 3rd wall. That’s still unfinished, so don’t worry about about the missing “S” and strings for the plants.

{2} I normally sketch my ideas on paper first before I do actual thing. That way, it’s easier for me to visualise it on the real thing. That’s my first plan. Had to do some changes because a couch will be placed on that wall. I had to do all the painting on the upper side of the wall.

{3} A new design is coming for my gift wrappers this year. I’m making a typography of the Filipino folk songs. That’s the prototype of the gift wrapper. At first, I couldn’t decide if I’ll go for black background or white. And the white won.

{4} Just like in mural, I like putting everything on paper first. And I was making a draft.

So far, I am so relieved I have finished most of my biggest projects. I’m hoping I can dedicate my time more on finishing my online shop and the other products for Artisan Paperie as well. I was already done setting up my Etsy shop. Still need to upload of products though.

On the other news, we’re having a second batch for the DJ workshop next month. It’s a collaboration with Wacky Masbad and Artisan Paperie. If you want to know more what happened from our last DJ workshop, you can click the link.

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It’s a long weekend, I’m just home the entire weekend and most probably the entire holiday. Looking forward for the halloween party I’ll attend to tomorrow night, Star Warts. And also, Yellow Hauz is giving away treats for every customer.

For now, let’s enjoy the rest of the night by sleeping. Good night everyone!


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