Instagram Sunday #68

Instagram Sunday

Viva pit Senyor! Happy Sinulog friends! Indeed, it’s a happy and festive event like I’ve always heard! Been very curious about this festival ever since but it’s only this year that I get to experience it.

Are you also in Cebu right now and experiencing Sinulog? Perhaps, you’re still out celebrating. As for me, I’ll rest early because I’ll be heading back to Davao tomorrow first thing in the morning.

And as the Sinulog ends today, let me share my highlights of this weekend.

{1} Sinulog is so much fun if you’re with your friends. And these girls {Apple – Me – Chiche – Jj} made it really memorable together with Mark {Apple’s husband}, Yancy and Sean. The photo was taken during our dinner last night at Anzani.

{2} Sunday was the peak of the event. Everyone went to the streets to see the parade and to party during the day until tomorrow morning I think. And almost everyone was wearing the Sinulog shirt. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without DIY‘ing it.

{3} Before this weekend, I was already kidding my friend Chiche who’s based in Cebu now that I want a meet and greet with my favourite and crush furniture designer, Kenneth Cobonpue. Last night, I got so lucky. After our dinner we went to Morals and Malice and look who I saw. My smile was up to my ears. Normally, I do not have a problem with small chit-chats but with him, my mind froze. This was really the highlight, hehe.

{4} I travelled with my Mama here in Cebu. And it’s our first trip this year. So during the day, I spend time with her. Then, I want to try travel journal with the use of instax. I’m not sure how to do though. But I’ll share that one with you.

There goes my first ever Sinulog. So many great things happened during the entire trip. Discovered new nice cafe’s, met new friends and tried new things. More photos on

I’ll have another trip next month. But first, I need to work fast because I have 3 workshops coming before this month ends.

For now, I’ll hit the sack because I’ll need my energy tomorrow. Good night and viva pit senyor!


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