Instagram Sunday #59

Instagram Sunday

This July, I’m adding some new things for my instagram sunday posts. Apart from my feed, I’ll also share the people and photos I love seeing in my feed.

You see, among all social medias I’m very much addicted to instagram, if I may say it. It gives me inspirations looking at those pretty photos. You get to see other people’s work, spaces and their daily lives. And I want to share with you these photos and people hoping you’ll be inspired as well.

{1} It’s not everyday when one of the admirable Senators dropped by in our dainty coffeeshop. Moreover when you see they’ve posted it on their instagram. That was a repost from Sen. Pia Cayetano. Couldn’t get over it until now. Just too bad I wasn’t able to meet her personally. That would have been so cool!

{2} We are working on a Frozen themed-invitation but I don’t want to put any characters in it. So it’s time to unboxed that old craft robo and make those snowflakes for us.

{3} This week, I was feeling down. So I took my new book {Craft Show and Sell}, had some tea and hoping these will bring back my creative mojo. It kinda actually did…

{4} So that was earlier this week. My boyfriend and I had a lunch date and I kinda asked him to take some supposedly “candid” photos for me. He was annoyed but he didn’t have a choice, hehe.

Now here’s the part where I share my fave photos from my feed. You probably know and follow some of them, I wouldn’t be surprised. Their photos will tell why…

{1} Anne Keenan Higgins – Her illustrations will definitely make you drool.

{2} Anna Rifle Bond –  who doesn’t know her? Make that, who doesn’t adore her work? She’s just so talented in watercolor and probably everything else.

{3} Kelsbe – I adore her paper flowers.

{4} My Little Hannah – her posts are full of inspiring craft things. Her planner is the most organised one I’ve ever seen.

 If you’re still not following them… go check their feed and I’m sure your day will definitely be filled with sunshine.

P.S. We’re having a craft weekend soon. I’ll be teaching paper flowers, have you signed up yet? Hope to see you on that date…


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