Instagram Sunday #55

Instagram Sunday

It was a pretty much fun week for me. Especially this weekend. I was productive during weekdays and when Saturday came I had 3 fun events that I was able to checked from my list.

{1} If you’ve been following me on instagram, I did my very first attempt on photo shoot styling for Mia… and now this little cutie pie just turned 1 year old. And we had a blast in her flamingo themed party. Great job Mommy Apple and Daddy Mark for a very unique party. If Mia could only talk, I’m sure she’d say it was indeed a great 1st birthday.

{2} I had a craft workshop for kids yesterday and today. I collaborated with Kay who makes clay {ooh that rhymes, hehe}. Then I taught the kids how to paint a canvas tote bag. And that’s one of the samples we did today.

{3} Been doing some researches for my upcoming workshops and I always like to go back in the old style in looking for reference. And that’s reading books. I have a shelf full of craft books and what’s the use of collecting those if I don’t use it. Well, actually, I don’t just use it for the sake of it. I truly enjoy the beauty with of books even though you can find everything on the internet now.

{4} Had a little road trip with my boyfriend during the weekday. And this makes me think of a cover for a Long Drive playlist, what do you think?

I’m totally excited to blog my recent activities. I still have a DIY coming up and all the craft workshops I had for the past few weeks. I just hope I can find the time. I also have so many plans in my mind, and that I’m crossing my fingers that I can execute them all. Tomorrow is such a busy day for me. I think we all feel that way every Monday. But I like Mondays! Maybe it just shows that I love my job that I don’t mind if I have a busy Monday.

Goodnight everyone. Have a great week.


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