Instagram Sunday #51

Instagram Sunday

Whew! It’s March already? Where did the days go? How come it flies so fast? But boy, I was so happy this week was over now. It was such a hard week for me… so many challenges that really made me emotionally drain.

And I’ve been away with my instagram and twitter, moreover my blog. I can’t imagine how I missed it. But here I am, I’m back in being active… I hope! And here’s my feed so far.

{1} Attended a cute wedding last Saturday and I had the privilege to design their invitation. Congrats again Champ and Rochelle!

{2} As much as I’ve been away with the social media. I’ve been away with crafting too. And how I miss the craft mess. This was probably the reason why I felt so uninspired and very disorganised. But I’m crossing fingers I’ll be doing more crafting this week, maybe not for a project but merely just for fun.

{3} Oh, I’ve cut my hair short. Not that I cut it off myself, hehe… I’m trying a new look for the summer. But the truth is, I wanted my dead ends cut off, haha.

I always believe, everyday is a new day. No matter how bad your day went, you always have the next day to make it up. So that’s what I’m looking forward this week. I’m definite, it’s a great week this time.


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