Instagram Sunday #48

Instagram Sunday

Today is already the second day of February. Love month is almost near. I’m quite excited for this Valentine’s actually. I’m not a fan of it but I think this time will be different.

I have a lot of plans for my blog this month. I just hope it will all push through. I hope you’ll keep coming back here so you’ll be posted. Actually, I hope I can post as many I wanted to so you have something to read about, haha.

{1} Like I said, this year, I’ll be quite a fan of Valentine’s. So I’ll be sharing simple valentine DIY‘s to give you some ideas on what you can do on the love month.

{2} Yellow Hauz now offers breakfast. And I did a chalkboard sign as our signage. You can read about the DIY here.

{3} I attempted another drawing that I’ll be to using as an element. I’m planning my workshops and soy candle making is one of them. Would you be interested to join?

{4} Sketchbook is one of my important things in the world. Kinda exaggerated but it’s true. One night, I left it in Miguel’s car. And he just added one great reason why my sketchbook is more important now than ever.

What are your plans for this month? I have a lot in mind; new drink and a valentine treat for Yellow Hauz. DIY’s for my blog and a valentine date of course, haha. Goodnight everyone.


2 thoughts on “Instagram Sunday #48”

  1. Hi, April

    Nice blog and entries! Just want to ask what app do you use to add those numbers in your Instagram Sunday posts! It inspired me to capture those events that happen in my week.

    Thanks! : )

    1. Hi Tina… I didn’t use any app… The collage was done in Picasa and the numbers were manually done in Photoshop. I wish I can share an app that uses the same function, but apparently, I don’t know any that can do that…

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