Instagram Sunday #32

Instagram Sunday

I had the longest week. Both productive and unproductive but it seemed that days were so long. It’s weird because I normally say the days went by so fast, but this time it wasn’t.

Anyway, as always, I’m catching up with my deadlines. I don’t understand why it never end, haha. But a recap of the week’s instagram.

{1}  Once in awhile, I make my own cappuccino so I won’t forget how to froth the milk, plus it’s just fun. I’m using one group espresso machine.

{2}  The fujifilm instax is now available in the store. You can visit our store to check the sample polaroid prints.

{3}  Yellow Hauz is very handmade even our decorations. That one was designed by our mom. She did most of the landscape in the coffee shop.

{4}  I’m doing an invitation for a friend and they wanted to feature the gazebo of the place called The View. Of course, I wanted to try a different technique, so I attempted to do a watercolor. I just hope, I won’t murder the look, haha.

Have a great week ahead friends.


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