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Few weeks ago, I got a twitter message from Aiza asking for my email address. When she said she’s from ANC ShopTalk, I seriously couldn’t breathe. And when I got her email saying if they can invite me to be one of their guests, I literally died! Well, not really, but you know what I meant right? I’ve been watching this show and I never ever imagined in my entire life I’d be invited to be part of it. But of course I’ve been dreaming about it, who wouldn’t right?

There was a conflict in schedule at first, but I was so glad Aiza was so patient with me and still gave me the chance. I thought I ruined that opportunity, but fate really brought me to it smoothly. So a week before I flew in to Manila, I watched some of their episodes over and over again. I also made some sketch so I can visualised how to display my work.

I reviewed my bridal fair photos so I can check my best work. I must come prepared.After I’m done visualising it, I even made a mock presentation, so I would know if it will look nice on their tables. The weddings must be at the center and the kids must be on the side. Very OC, I know…

I arrived a day before, not that I’m excited {but of course I am} haha. I couldn’t think clearly up until hours before the show. Gladly, Boobie was there, my ever trustee friend. He helped me carry my things and drove me all the way to Quezon City and took pictures for me.

When we got there, I was already feeling calm. I just thought, there’s no turning back anymore but instead make the most out of it. In my mind, I keep telling myself, I wanted this to happen so I have to be brave enough to face it.

They instructed me to display my samples on the tables. Then I watched them so busy preparing things so quickly before the show has started. They were all so nice and very accommodating, even though you see them preoccupied with something.

Then they asked me to go to the dressing room for make-up? This got me really excited. For awhile, I really felt like I was a celebrity. Yihee!

But as the show was already starting, I couldn’t explain how I felt anymore. That’s why I looked like that… constipated and sick to my stomach, hahaha.

I was on the second segment. We only had the commercial break to arranged everything at the center table. Everything was so quick that I couldn’t distinguished if I was still nervous or simply numbed. But I couldn’t feel anything anymore. I was just hoping, words would come out of my mouth. You see, when I’m nervous even if I’m not, I always have problems expressing myself through words. But the director said… “in 5, 4, 3…” Yes! It was a live interview! People nationwide were watching. So much pressure!

But Ria was such a great host. She’ll make you feel comfortable during the interview, and she can fill in the silence in case you have nothing much to say, like in my case, haha.

And I’m done! I can’t believed it, I survived! Although, in my mind, I could have done better, but what the heck, I just want to enjoy my 10-minute fame. So it was time for picture taking.

This is Aiza, the guest producer of ShopTalk… “I couldn’t thank you enough for giving me this opportunity and making my dream a reality.”

Look at me, I’m walking along ABS-CBN’s news and current affairs hallway, hahaha, forgive my ignorance.

I didn’t broadcast that I’d be in a live show just in case I’d make a fool out of myself, haha. But my sister, and friends namely Chiche and Apple was so supportive and announced it in twitter and facebook. And since I couldn’t and wouldn’t greet you on tv, here’s your shoutout, haha. Thank you girls for your support. My mom called up all our relatives, saying her daughter will be on tv, haha. My family was so cute. My brother in-law, Opet and his family were so very sweet and supportive too. I heard, Papa Dennis {Opet’s dad} was waiting for the blog link everyday. Awww, even though, papa was not around anymore, I feel I still have one.

I wasn’t able to watch any of the replays. But the video link is now up. I’m really hesitant to share this, because, I can’t barely watch myself. I feel like vomiting everytime I press play, haha. So, in case you’re curious, here’s a video, edited by Heintje and the video link if you want to see the whole show. Please don’t make fun of me, because I already did haha!


7 thoughts on “ANC ShopTalk Feature”

  1. Congrats! Saw the vid and it’s really awesome to see that even though your start was not in the design field (i.e., coffeeshop/accounting management) you still found a way to do what you are passionate about and being successful at it too!

    more success to you and your design studio 🙂

    1. thank you so much Bo for dropping by… yes, I really think your past does not define your future. So no matter what field you are into right now, it doesn’t matter if your heart calls you to do something else.

    2. Hello Bo, thank you for dropping by… yes, I really think, your past does not define your future. So no matter what field you are into right now, when your heart calls you to do something else, all you gotta do is follow it… =)

      1. walang like button dito? =)

        yup, i completely agree.
        back in high school, my dream was to work in advertising, design posters/cd albums and what not but life happened and now I find myself working in the “finance” sector which i absolutely hate but it’s work and it pays the bills. now, photography and doing creative diy stuff at home are things that I look forward doing in whatever chance I get. I guess that’s important, to make time to do something you love and enjoy.

        your blog’s very refreshing and it’s something I can relate to in a way, so thanks!!!

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